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Newsletter 13th December

The Warkworth RSA darts club end of year fun day out was held at the Wellsford Golf Club and what a great time it was. Plenty of laughs, some outstanding golf was played (or so it was said in the bar afterwards), Craig Brown entertained those in the clubhouse with his version of singing, there was pool and plenty of liquids.

Many thanks to all the team at the golf club for hosting us. Fantastic venue if anyone else is looking for a fun day out for a group.

Ambrose golf and the team of Philip AdamsMaggie KaneRupert Mather and Grant Dixon were worthy champions.  Unfortunately they didn’t win and instead Graham RheadLuke Fry, Elaine Shaw and Rodney Smith did.  Also playing was the team of Phil McCarthy, Craig “the entertainer” Brown and Tane Stewart. Apparently Phil played good golf!

This Thursday is the final club night for the year. Hope to see many of you there. We have a few trophies to hand out and 180 badges as well.

Newsletter 5th December

A minor level of success achieved for Grant Dixon and Craig Brown at the Auckland champ of champs pairs today.

All the City of Sails pairs selected qualified out of their groups which was excellent. Grant and Craig topping their group and then making it through to the quarterfinals going down to fellow COS pairing Steve and George 3-0.

Steve and George went all the way to the final which was unfortunately just one hurdle too far

Newsletter 29th November

Club singles champs got off to a good start with a couple of the usual suspects leading the way. Graham Rhead currently sits in top spot not having dropped a leg while Rodney Smith is close behind. Philip Adams in 3rd and Craig Brown in 4th so far.

Great to have Elaine Shaw join us tonight as well. Still a ways to go and while the top 2 look pretty secure 3rd and 4th will be interesting next week. 2 180’s tonight for Rodney and the highest finish a 126 for Graham. Highest game average 88 for Rodney

Not too many starters tonight but that gave the opportunity for a slightly longer version of our handicap system. Best of 3 games tonight. Overall winner Graham Rhead courtesy of his 3-2 win over Grant Dixon. Graham essentially winning overall honours by just that 1 leg.

Super darts from Rob Hopner tonight winning 2 matches. A 180 for Graham and the best leg also - 8 darts (301). 17 ton plus scores as well -by far the best.
Highest out 114 for Grant just pipping Luke Fry and his 108.

Welcome to NZ one of our followers from overseas - Elaine Shaw landing shortly and traveling all the way from the UK just for club night next week. It’s a long way back if you forgot your darts!

The treble makers hosted the rat pack this weekend what a game it was fantastic darts from both teams. Phil and Craig managed a win in the pairs so did Graham and Lewis so off to a fantastic start 2v2 after the pairs, in the singles outstanding darts where thrown from both teams Phil managed 2 wins so did Graham Lewis got a win as well, Phil 17 ton plus scores 4 of them where starts, Graham 16 ton plus scores 2 where starts Lewis 13 ton plus scores with loads of near misses Craig battled hard all day but it was a tough day at the office for us all well done team and a massive.

Thank you to Rodney who came to support and even chalked for us we eventually lost 13v7. Brilliant team the rat pack always a pleasure to play. They had 4 x 180s and Steve goldsmith outstanding day especially with a 12 dart 501 double start fantastic leg.


Strange not having Grant and Maggie there but everyone needs a holiday hope they both having a great time 


The Treblemakers travelled away to the Birkenhead Vikings. When you arrive and see on the board that Jamie Roberts and Harrison Donegan are 2 of the 4 players you are facing today, you know it’s going to be a tough match to win.
But the Treblemakers gave it a good nudge.

Philip Adams and Craig Brown picked up a win in the pairs as did Grant Dixon and Lewis Thomas. 2-2 heading into the singles. Grant then managed 3 singles wins and Phil, Craig and Lewis 1 each. 4 ton plus starts for both Phil and Grant, 16 ton plus scores for Grant the scoring highlights.

There were some close legs lost by the Treblemakers that could have gone either way but overall 12-8 to the Vikings and congratulations go to Pat O’Connell, Taffy Roberts, Jamie and Harrison.


For tomorrow night Darts
It’s the pairs trophy on Thursday team. Drawn partners, round robin format followed by semi finals and final.
Should be great fun. How many players can we get along to the club?



Well it didn’t take long for Rodney Smith to get up to speed after some time away from the boards. Despite being forced into hard labour today he played superbly winning 9 losing 0 to take the nights honors. Graham Rhead runner up and Grant Dixon 3rd. 

180’s for Graham and Grant.
The highest finish of the night 125 for Philip Adams
Best leg - Rodney 7 darts (301).
17 ton plus scores for Rodney and Graham.
Highest overall average for the night Graham 65.

Every player tonight won at least 1 match while Mike Thombsett had his best night at the oche so far with 4 wins. Excellent darts. Most important- Lots of laughs once again.

Thanks Phil Mccarthy for helping out.
And finally best of luck to the Treblemakers this weekend.



And the RSA Winter League Trophy goes to Philip Adams.

Great darts from Phil all night on the way dropping just the one match to Rodney Smith. Fantastic to have Rodney join us only 3 days after putting up the board in the new house. Watch out when he’s had a chance to throw a few darts again.

Phil was overall winner by just the one game which was also essentially one leg. Runner up was also a very tight affair with Rodney, Graham Rhead and Grant Dixon all having 6-2 winning records. Grant taking runner up spot from Graham and Rodney 4th on leg difference.

Highest game average of the night an 81.24 for Rodney! Very smart.
There was a lot of high scoring tonight. Phil and Graham both with 180’s, 28 ton plus scores for Grant including 8 140’s (in only 17 legs)and 29 ton plus scores for Phil (19 legs). A 100 finish for Graham the highest out of the night. Best overall average was Graham with 61.5 which I think shows that the high scoring was perhaps let down by some poor finishing (certainly that was the case for the writer!).

Anyway a great night, lots of laughs, Craig Browns 180 season total record is now in Grahams back pocket and it’s only October, new members, and we have the weekend off from darts as well.

Many thanks to Phil McCarthy for heaps of chalking. Much appreciated.


On a positive note the Warkworth RSA Treblemakers hosted Tons of Bull from Swanson today.

Tane Stewart and Grant Dixon got things off to a good start picking up both pairs matches and then Craig Brown and Philip Adams did the same. 4-0 up is a great start after the pairs.

Charlie Clark was playing excellent darts for Swanson and the Warkworth lads were finding him hard to handle. In fact Charlie got 3 singles wins for Swanson. Great stuff.
For the Treblemakers Grant managed wins in all his singles, Phil and Tane each won 3 of their singles and Craig got another singles point on the board for us.

Overall 15-5.
Craig had a 171 score.

Grant had 19 ton plus scores, 4 ton plus starts, a 129 finish and a smashed in car window from local lowlife.
17 ton plus scores for Tane and 16 for Craig with a couple of ton plus starts for Craig and 1 each for Tane & Phil


Another good win for the Treblemakers. Playing away at Retro of Glen Eden things were made easier when Retro found they only had 3 of the 4 players required.

The Treblemakers picked up 3 wins in the pairs with Graham Rhead and Grant Dixon winning both of theirs while Philip Adams and Luke Fry got one win.
In the singles Graham then won all his games, Grant dropped just one game and Luke and Phil each dropped 2 games. A 180 for Graham, 12 ton plus scores for Phil, 3 ton plus starts for Luke and the highest start for the Warkworth side a 146 for Grant.

It’s hard to please us though, as we are all feeling there were opportunities missed to play better.


Great to have Corey Fry supporting (he is hiding behind Grahams big mitt) and of course Maggie Kane doing everything to look after us.

Overall a 14-6 win.


The Warkworth Treblemakers hosted The Manly Whalers today and an absolute pleasure it was.
The two previous matches this year have been very even and this would prove to be no exception.

Luke Fry and Grant Dixon went close but ultimately lost both their pairs games 2-1 while Philip Adams and Craig Brown did pick up one of their games.
1-3 down after the pairs - very accommodating to our guests!
Mark Shearer,Paul Mangino, Luke Marchand and Eric Watson can all throw great darts so to get a win overall from 1-3 would be asking a lot.
But that’s exactly the way it went. All of the Treblemakers were playing well and Phil, Grant and Craig all picked up 3 singles wins with Luke getting another two wins for the team. Overall 12-8.
The Treblemakers scoring was probably the difference with Grant hitting 20 ton plus scores and Craig 18. In fact each Treblemakers team member hit more ton plus scores than the leading player on the Whalers team. Very unusual for our team to all click into gear at the same time.
180’s for Craig and Grant and an excellent 117 finish for Luke maybe the standout turns at the oche.


The Treblemakers traveled to take on the Tigers of Birkenhead.


Philip Adams and Lewis Thomas played very well in the pairs to win both their games including a win over Vinnie and Verne. Great darts.

Graham Rhead and Grant Dixon picked up one pairs win. 3-1 up at the break. Then Phil led the way in the singles with 3 wins while each of the other players picked up 2 wins.
17 ton plus scores for Graham including a 160 start and the other 3 each had at least one ton plus start.

Overall a 12-8 win. Excellent result.

Many thanks once again to Maggie Kane for driving and a massive amount of chalking.


Philip Adams and Grant Dixon travelled to Ohaupo to help represent the City of Sails side today in the APDE pairs tournament. 

In pool play going two matches down needing 3 wins to qualify isn’t the best way to start but after that they found their form with some top drawer darts and won 3 matches in a row to qualify for the knockout round. A break between rounds didn’t really suit them and then it’s even worse to meet first round the only other City of Sails pair to qualify!

Unfortunately that was the end of the road losing to Paul and George 2-0. All up solid darts without hitting the highlights too often. The best of the highlights probably a 120 finish by Phil and a 177 score for Grant.


The Warkworth Treblemakers travelled to Birkenhead to take on the Vikings on Saturday.

The team came away with a resounding 18-2 victory.  The only games dropped were a singles loss for each of Tane Stewart and Grant Dixon to Mike OGrady.

This is called a team contribution- wearing Mike out to pave the way for victory for Graham Rhead and Philip Adams .

However you see it, the team won all 4 pairs games, Graham and Phil both picked up 4 singles wins each and Tane and Grant 3 singles wins each.

A 180 for Grant and a 160 start for Graham the highlights of the scoring.
Graham had promised to hit a 170. Despite multiple attempts 47 just isn’t really close is it?


As always - many thanks to Maggie Kane for looking after us.


And just like that …. A new player turns up throwing cracking darts including his first club night 180. Awesome to have Rob Binoka join us.
Just the 7 starters tonight but with all on the one card it was a long night. Graham Rhead came out on top winning all 6 matches. Philip Adams in second and Lewis Thomas third.
180’s were raining down with Rob getting his and also Lewis, Myles Hoskins and Grant Dixon.
Highest out was a superb 157 for Phil. Phil also won the jackpot finish taking home $80.
19 ton plus scores for Graham and Phil including 9 140’s for Phil.
Highest game average was a 74 for Graham.

Aug Newsletter.jpeg


The Warkworth Treblemakers City of Sails side travelled to Swanson RSA to take on the Tons of Bull side this afternoon and returned home with a pretty comfortable 18-2 win in the bag.
Philip Adams and Craig Brown won both their pairs matches as did Tane Stewart and Grant Dixon.
4-0 up.
Then both Tane and Grant won all their singles matches without dropping a leg while both Phil and Craig dropped just the one match each.
A 180 for Craig, 14 ton plus scores for Phil, 3 ton plus starts for Tane and 1 for Grant were the highlights.
Yet strangely no one was particularly happy with how they played. High standards have been set!
Many thanks to Maggie Kane for doing all the chalking and driving.

Darts - July 2023.jpeg


The Warkworth Treblemakers were delighted to host the Retro team from Glen Eden RSA today.

The pairs were tied with Graham Rhead and Grant Dixon picking up 1 win from 2 games and Tane Stewart and Philip Adams did the same. Then in the singles all 4 Warkworth players picked up 3 singles wins. So honors evenly spread right across the board for the Treblemakers.

Overall a 14-6 win for the Warkworth side.
Another 180 for Tane, 16 ton plus scores for Graham, and 15 for Phil, 3 ton plus starts for Graham and 2 for each of Grant and Phil and Phil had 2 ton plus finishes, the best being 118.

Awesome support from Luke Fry and Corey Fry, and Craig Brown. And of course many thanks to Maggie Kane for everything she does for us.


The Warkworth Treblemakers City of Sails side travelled to Manly on the Whangaparoa peninsula to take on the Whalers team today. They have a very nice venue at the Manly bowling club and the set up looks great.
2-2 after the pairs with the Warkworth pairs getting a win each.
Then despite a slow start Tane Stewart led the way with 3 singles wins and 21 ton plus scores.
Grant Dixon chimed in with 2 singles wins and 1 win each for Philip Adams and Craig Brown.
180’s for Tane and Grant and a 105 start for Phil.
Overall a narrow win for the Whalers 11-9
Many thanks to our hosts, to Maggie Kane for driving, chalking, and looking after us, and special thanks to Craig for the entertainment on the way home. Fast food outlets can indeed be bewildering!



It was great to have a new member Tony Turner join us tonight. In total we had 8 starters and we still managed to get the full card played with all players off 501.
And all players won at least 1 of their matches so the results were spread around. Was good to have Phil Mccarthy back testing his arm also.
That didn’t stop Graham Rhead taking out top spot though with 6 wins and just the one loss. Philip Adams had the same 6-1 record but dipped out on leg difference. Grant Dixon in 3rd with a 5-2 record.
180’s for Graham and Grant
Highest match average Graham (81.24)
Highest finish Grant (142)
Highest overall average Graham (67.55)
Best leg Graham (15)
Most ton plus scores Graham (19)
Thanks to Luke Fry for running the night.


Warkworth headed away to the Birkenhead bowling club to challenge the stingers. Phil and Tane picked up one pairs win along with Luke and Craig. Ending the pairs at 2-2. It was a tight battle right the way through. Saw Tane win 3 singles, Phil with 2 and Luke n Craig with one each. Luke recorded his best scoring phases this year with 11 tonne pluses. Tane also recorded his best of the season with 21. Craig slowly returning from his retirement was extremely happy with his 11 tonne plus scores which he raked up today. This however wasn’t enough as Warkworth ended up falling barley short, losing the day 9-11. Jarrod Cottle went through his singles unbeaten.
Well played to the other team and hard luck but we’ll fought to our team.
Warkworth - 9
Craig Brown , Luke Fry , Philip Adams , Tane Stewart

Stingers 11
Paul Webber
Steve Harrison, Randall Watkins, Jarrod Cottle.



Not to many at the darts tonight with just 7,
Congratulations to Graham Rhead picking up overall honors at tonight’s round of darts with out dropping a leg. With duane finishing 2nd ahead of luke.
No Grant Dixon to lead the night so that was left to Luke Fry,
There was some inconsistent scores but some quite brilliant 180s- Graham Rhead with 12 ton plus scores including 2 x 180s, also with his first ever 180 peter farrow.
Highest out Graham 104
Best leg graham 16


The Warkworth Treblemakers City of Sails side got back on the winning track today when they hosted the Birkenhead Tigers. Graham Rhead and Grant Dixon got 2 pairs wins early on while Tane Stewart and Philip Adams picked up another win. 3-1 up after the pairs is a good start particularly given we lost to the Tigers last time around.

Then Phil, Graham and Tane all played superbly to pick up 3 singles wins with Grant getting another 2 wins.

A 180 for Phil and a 160 start and a 158 finish for Graham. Tane hit a team high 21 ton plus scores.
Tony Lee topped the charts for the Tigers on his way to 3 singles wins.

Overall a 14-6 win for the Treblemakers
Many thanks to Maggie Kane once again for keeping us in line and also to Craig Brown for the support.


Congratulations to Tane Stewart picking up overall honors at tonight’s round of handicapped darts. Tane just pipped Grant Dixon on legs difference (Tane 11-3, Grant 11-5) although to be fair Grant got the better of Tane in their head to head match. Philip Adams in 3rd spot.

For a long while Peter Farrow was looking like finishing in the top two so this was a good night for him. There was some inconsistent but quality scoring - Graham Rhead with 20 ton plus scores Grant 19 and Tane 18 including a 180.

Highest game average Tane 77
Highest out Grant 106
Best leg Tane 17 darts.

Graham started well but forgot how to score for a while. Something else Graham forgot was an anniversary. But he said I should mention it in my post. Lucky the supermarket is open late 


Huge congratulations to Duane Norton taking out the overall honours at club night tonight. Duane played excellent darts to win all 6 of his matches dropping just the one leg to. Runner up Grant Dixon who in turn lost just that one match.

15 ton plus scores for Grant and 14 for Duane over the night.
Highest out Grant - 96
Best leg - Philip Adams 17.
All players won at least one match on the night.

Many thanks to Luke Fry for running the night.


Sometimes people can be so rude. And is it even worse when it’s your neighbour's? The Treblemakers hosted their closest opposition team geographically tonight being the Ratpack from Paroa Bar Whangaparoa.

It started off all very nice - how are you etc etc. Then the darts started and like wolves in sheep’s clothing they suddenly turned. No more Mr Nice guys. Just ruthless. Quick as you like they have 15 points in the pocket and are heading home - no doubt feeling a lot better than we are! Not very neighborly at all!

Truth is the Ratpack are a great group who play awesome darts. 15-5 is a thrashing and we take our collective hats off to you.

Philip Adams and Tane Stewart got a win in the pairs while Graham Rhead picked up 2 singles wins with 1 win each for Tane and Grant Dixon. And that was it.
Graham did get a 180 but the Ratpack managed 3 180’s 2 of which were against Grant in the same match. Whoa is me! Gary Boyland Gary two Clare Inn won all his singles for the Ratpack while Carol Sel Panckhurst will be disappointed to have dropped just the one game against Grant. 14 ton plus scores for Tane and 16 for Graham.

I guess 5 points is better than nothing - just

Many thanks to Luke Fry and Maggie Kane for the chalking and support.


Saturday the Warkworth Treblemakers were hosted down in Te Atatu to play the top of the table Cosmos team. The team got off to a solid start with Phil and Tane winning both pairs to kick off 2-2 after the pairs. Tane then tuned up his 4 singles and Philip Adams picking up a win also. Phil with the most tonne pluses of the day. Craig Brown made his return debut after “retiring” for the 4th time and Luke Fry playing great darts was unlucky with his games.

Warkworth - 7
Tane, Luke, Craig, Phil, 
Cosmos 1 - 13
Monte, Frank, Bob, Paul
1 180 for Tane

Warkworth dealt cosmos their closest game so far this year. Good day boys


Thursday 11th May; 

A few more numbers at club night but with 9 players still not quite enough for 2 cards.
So the usual club night handicaps were applied with players off either 301 or 201.
Rupert Mather, Peter Farrow and Maggie Kane all took down some of the higher ranked players but overall Tane Stewart took out top spot with 7 games won, Grant Dixon runner up (6),and Graham Rhead in 3rd (5 games won).
Highest out - Tane 126 on the bull 
Most 100+ - Tane (18)
Best leg - Grant/Graham (11)
The Treblemakers are hosting the Paraoa Ratpack 2pm Saturday. Should be a good match if you are looking for some entertainment

Grant Dixon

DARTS REPORT - 11th May 2023

Thursday 11th May; 
Congratulations to Graham Rhead taking out overall honours tonight. At the pointy end (pun intended) of the table Philip Adams beat Graham, Graham beat Grant Dixon and Grant beat Phil with all 3 players winning their remaining matches meaning the overall honour was decided on leg difference.
Graham (11-2)
Grant (10-2)
Phil (10-3).
Great competition!
Congratulations also go to Rupert Mather picking up his first ever club night 180. Awesome.
Most 100 plus scores -Phil (16 incl a 180)
Best leg - Phil (16 darts)
Highest out - Graham (114)
The Warkworth Treblemakers City of Sails side is at home this weekend if you’re at a loose end for some entertainment!

Saturday 6th May; 
Well that’s a first! The Warkworth Treblemakers are now home (not so quietly as there were a few celebratory beers involved) reflecting on a 20-0 win over the Birkenhead Vikings.
The pairs matches got the team off to a great start 4-0 up.
Then all four of the Treblemakers team won all of their singles matches. Graham RheadPhilip Adams and Grant Dixon even did it without dropping a leg.
There were 2 180’s for Phil along with a 100 start, a 108 start for Grant and a 128 finish, a 101 start for Graham and a nice 160 score for Luke Fry who did really well in stressful situations winning all his matches 2-1.
Many thanks to Maggie Kane and Corey Fry for the support


Congratulations to Tane Stewart winning the consolation final of DPNZ pro tour 7 in Hamilton tonight.

Grant Dixon

DARTS REPORT - 9th May 2023

Thursday 4th May; Only a small group at club night again. But that gives the opportunity to put everyone on the same card and play 501. This time Grant Dixon came out on top winning 5 of his 6 match’s. Those wins included a 150 finish the highest of the night.

Graham Rhead had a 180 and the highest average for the night of 66 and the highest first 9 average of almost 80. Best leg Graham and Tane Stewart (17). Most 100+ scores was also Graham
With those stats I’m not sure how Graham didn’t win the night but it was actually Tane who was second with Graham third. That 150 finish for Grant was very fortunate as 150 was also the random number drawn for the finishes over 51. That’s another $47 for Grant on the jackpot.

The City of Sails side is traveling away to play The Rocks this weekend hoping to build on recent success.

Saturday 6th May; Many thanks to John Malaki and his team for once again proving to be the best hosts in the City of Sails Dart League. Awesome team and the games are always played in great spirit.
Philip Adams and Tane Stewart got the Warkworth Treblemakers off to a great start with 2 wins in the pairs while Graham Rhead and Grant Dixon picked up 1 win from 2 games.
In the singles Phil extended his excellent streak in city of sails competition with 3 singles wins while Tane and Graham each got 2 singles wins. Grants poor run in city of sails continued with just 1 singles win, albeit against Ronaldo who managed to beat all the other Treblemakers. Go figure!
Overall a very close 11-9 win for the Treblemakers.


Many thanks to Maggie Kane once again and many thanks to the Rocks team for the endless supply of fantastic food. We all thought it was great. - but especially Tane who kept losing his!

Grant Dixon

Darts Report - 2nd May 2023



The merry go round of club night champs continued with Graham Rhead back on top tonight.

Lower numbers so just one card and 501 was the game.

Congratulations also to Maggie Kane who trounced me 2-0.

So Graham came out on top ahead of Tane Stewart and Grant Dixon in 3rd.
Luke Fry and Myles Hoskins had a good battle for the 4th place in the final match with Luke just coming out on top of that.


Highest match average Tane 77.08
Highest overall average Graham 60.5
Highest out 103 Myles
180’s Graham x 2,Tane
Most ton plus scores Graham 20
Best leg Graham 16 darts.




The Warkworth Treblemakers City of Sails team got back on the winning track today defeating the Swanson Tons of Bull side 15-5.
A great start saw the Treblemakers go 4-0 up after the pairs.


Then Philip Adams and Graham Rhead both played superbly in the singles - neither player dropping a leg on the way to 4 singles wins each.
Grant Dixon picked up 2 wins and Luke Fry picked up another singles win and his darts are really start to click into gear.
A 180 for Phil, 4 100+ starts for Graham and a 102 start for Luke as well.


Many thanks to Maggie Kane for keeping us in line.

Grant Dixon

20th September 2022

Mixed fortunes so far in the qualification for semifinals of the club double start trophy. A couple of the usual front runners were struggling for form but someone who did have good fortune was Grant Dixon. A 180 helped him to go unbeaten across the night although he had a very tight game with Phil McCarthy. Phil had the highest out of the night at 106 but Grants 64 out also won the jackpot finish - $98 will buy a few beers next week thank you very much.

Great to see Myles Hoskins back and playing some good darts. Nobody ended the night without a win but with a few games still to play Grant leads the race for the semifinals closely followed by Phil McCarthy Graham Rhead and Phil Adams.


The City of Sails side got back on the winning track over the weekend . It’s always great to have John Malaki and the Rocks team from Kingsland at Warkworth. An excellent bunch of guys who play darts in an awesome spirit.


But that didn’t stop us taking an early 4-0 lead after the pairs. It’s always tough for a team to come back from there and this day proved no exception. 

Two 180’s for both Grant Dixon and Craig Brown helped them to win 3 singles matches and Tane Stewart also picked up 3 singles wins. Philip Adams chimed in with 2 singles wins (Phil hitting a team high for the day of 17 ton plus scores along the way). 


The scoring also included a 120 start and 112 start for Phil a 100 start for Tane and a 146 start for Grant. 


Things didn’t go all our way though with opposition player Ronaldo Reyes picking up all 4 of his singles matches.


Many thanks to Carol Cable and Maggie Kane for looking after us as usual. 


Next Thursday 22nd there is no club night due to the City of Sails side playing at home on Thursday night. All support welcome.

28th May 2022


There are no easy matches in this years City of Sails competition.

Our team played away at Glen Eden today.

Tane Stewart and Grant Dixon managed 2 wins in the pairs and Craig Brown and Philip Adams picked up a win also to give the team a confidence boosting lead going into the singles.

Tane scored a 180 in his singles taking 2 wins. Phil and Craig got a singles win each and Grant somehow managed 3 singles wins.

Overall 10-10. A few games that got away from us but it’s always good to come away from Glen Eden with a positive result.

27th May 2022

Darts report great night was had by all thanks to Maggie,Craig came back in great form tame hit 2x 180s overall winner graham just pipping Craig and Tane,. Quite a few good finishes but the random number was 148 and will roll over ,hope everyone is back next week. Cheers Graham

21st May 2022

The City of Sails team played the very classy Cosmos 2 side today.

The boys were a little unlucky to end the pairs matches 3-1 down.

A 180 for Tane Stewart and 2 180’s for Philip Adams showed the standard the lads were playing at.

Graham Rhead must have rolled back the years a very long way as he took 3 singles wins over Paul Budd, Frank Riddell and Harrison Donnegan.

Phil Adams and Tane Stewart also picking up a singles win each saw the final score a rather deceiving 14-6 loss for what sounds like a very fine display from our team.

20th May 2022

With Grant on holiday, and Craig with covid, this report was written by Graham. Cheers mate.

Not trying to do grants job but here goes,not many players tonight but high standards Phil m came back on form smashing tons all night Phil a won the night on count back from Phil m, good to see Keith back playing well hitting a few 140s Maggie hitting ton pluses ,ended the night playing jdc Phil a won with a few Shanghai’s , see you all next week hopefully grant will be back cheers graham .ps random number was 161 we just missed out

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