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December News

It's all go! Work has started downstairs in preparation for the builder who should be starting straight after Christmas.

We are delighted to announce that on Saturday Night, February 19th we will be having a Grand Auction .... loads of fantastic prizes have been donated and still more to come! This is going to be quite a special occasion and our last big fundraiser for the lift so please mark this in your calendar and come along on the night for some fantastic bargains.

We will give you more updates in coming newsletters.


Our President Bob Harrison was delighted to announce last Friday that we received notification that the Lotteries Grants Board has approved our application for funding for the lift in full. This is a massive boost of $80,000 towards the project fund.

The Grants Committee experienced significant pressure on funds. It had $12,144,853 to distribute and considered 124 requests totalling $29,028,321 for this funding round. They noted that the request aligned well with Lottery Grants Board outcomes and their  priorities and funding criteria.

Our sincere thanks to the Lotteries Grants Board for this support and congratulations to our Fundraising Committee for driving this through.

If you would like to help in any way please contact one of the project committee members.

The committee are happy to hear from you and their main focus area is shown below.

Our Generous Supporters

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