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In House every Thursday 7.00pm - 10.00pm

Inter-club (Seasonal) Saturday

Contact: Grant Dixon 021 486061

Fancy throwing some darts in a friendly and social environment?

Well if you answered yes to the question above then that's you, come down to Warkworth RSA on Thursday nights at 7pm and check it out, with games to start at 7:30pm.


We have 4 dartboards in play and use an online scoring system making it easier and quicker for all scoring, doesn't matter your ability as we do a handicapped system. Entry is $5, The bar will be open with a good selection of refreshments at great prices its an RSA.


If you enjoy throwing darts then you will enjoy your night, any level of player, beginner to pro, all welcome! Hope to see some new faces as well as the usuals!

Newsletter April 23rd

Having started the 2024 City of Sails league with a loss followed by 3 draws, the Warkworth Treblemakers were keen to get a win on the boards today.

This was the task for Graham RheadPhilip Adams,Craig Brown and Tane Stewart with a trip away to play the Stingers at the Birkenhead Bowling Club.
Phil and Graham got things off to a great start with 2 wins in the pairs while Craig and Tane went close without reward. 2-2 after the pairs. Graham is one of the form players in City of Sails and once again he didn’t disappoint in the singles. 4 wins for him and only dropping 1 leg along the way.

Tane was back after a few weeks away from the side and he was scoring well (15 ton plus scores) on the way to picking up 3 singles wins.
Craig got a couple of wins and Phil also got a win on the boards.
Overall a very satisfying 12-8 victory.
16 ton plus scores for Graham including a 180.
2 ton plus starts for both Graham and Tane and one for Phil also.

Newsletter April 17th

In City of Sails action The Treblemakers hosted The Ratpack from Whangaparoa today which is always a pleasure.

Philip Adams and Craig Brown got a pairs win as did Lewis Thomas and Grant Dixon. 2-2 after the pairs. Then Phil played superbly to pick up 4 singles wins while Lewis and Craig each grabbed 2 singles wins - both picking up a 180 as well. Grant didn’t feature in the singles wins column at all despite going to 3 legs every game.

19 ton plus scores for Craig - super stuff.
Overall a 10-10 result which most teams would take against the Ratpack any day.
Next COS game is a catch-up game on Tuesday evening- away at Birkenhead

Newsletter April 10th

The Treblemakers hosted Retro from Glen Eden today in City of Sails action.

In the pairs Philip Adams and Craig Brown managed 1 win while Luke Fry and Grant Dixon (returning to the oche after 7 weeks out injured) couldn’t really get going. 1-3 down after the pairs is always going to be hard to recover from. Onto the singles and Phil had 2 wins as did both Craig and Luke.

In the very last match of the day Grant crawled over the line for his 3rd singles win and in doing so getting the score back to 10-10. Honors even which is probably a fair reflection of the days play.

180’s for Phil and Greg West.
12 ton plus scores for Phil
A 146 start for Grant, 120 for Phil and 101 for Luke plus a 100 finish for Luke were the highlights.

Newsletter March 26th

There were 11 starters and 2 cards.

Graham Rhead came out top on one card ahead of Craig Brown and Rupert MatherRodney Smith topped the other ahead of Peter Farrow and Grant Dixon.

180’s for Grant and Rodney and 2 for Philip Adams.
High finish a 109 for Graham
22 ton plus scores for Rodney.

Best leg a very tidy 13 darter for Graham in the final v Rodney. But that wasn’t enough- Rodney took that 2-1. Peter Farrow took third seeing as Craig didn’t want to participate! Other winners in the playoff between the cards Rupert, Robert Blunden, Eric Ronald Cooke

Next week we will temporarily shift club night to Wednesday so no darts on Thursday.

Newsletter March 19th

The Treblemakers got their 2024 season under way with a home match v Rocks yesterday. It’s always good to host these lads although the Warkworth side did not get the result they hoped for.

The pairs got off to a reasonable start with Graham Rhead and Philip Adams picking up 2 wins. Tane Stewart and Luke Fry went close but couldn’t quite get over the line in their 2 pairs games. So all square leading into the singles.

Graham picked up 2 wins as did Phil. Luke also got a singles victory but that unfortunately was it. 7-13 the overall result.
180’s for both Phil and Graham and 19 ton plus scores for Graham the highlights.

Newsletter February 27th 2024

It’s a little over a year ago that we lost a wonderful person and super committed club stalwart in Carol Cable.  Philip Adams not only designed but made this trophy below in Carols memory.

At last years prize giving, Maggie Kane was the inaugural winner of the trophy for “Outstanding Club Service”. A fitting winner for the trophy and certainly the best possible person to be the inaugural winner.

Last time we had 10 turn up and played on two cards. It was good to see Grant Dixon back even if he was on a knee scooter for his broken leg. His darts werent effected when he was playing Graham Rhead with a great 2-1 victory but unfortuately that was his only win.

In the first group Graham finished on top with Philip Adams in 2nd and Peter Farrow in 3rd, in the 2nd group saw a rampant Rodney Smith who didnt lose a leg, and also saw him take the highest finish of 129 with the bull, with me finishing 2nd in this group and Murray Hill in 3rd, we played a ladder match between the two groups and that saw Graham vs Rodney with Graham winning 2-1, Phil vs Luke, seeing Phil win 2-1, with Peter vs Murray and saw Peter win 2-0, Graham also scoring the most 100+ scores with 22 including yet another 180, with Phil finishing on 18.

Yet another great night of darts with darts being the winner of the night

Newsletter February 14th 2024

Well the last meet went well with 8 starters. We played on one card, with our hand-capped system of 501 and 351. 

Graham Rhead went undefeated in his matches having the best leg of the night 18 darts, he also scored 2x180s and a just as impressive 174. 

Tane Stewart also scored 2x180s tonight, finishing runner up.

Luke finishing 3rd, Rob Hopner finishing 4th. With the most 100+ scores tonight! Graham with 23, Tane with 19 and Luke with 18, also with everyone having at least 100+ score tonight very impressive.

Highest check out tonight 110 achieved by Luke, with Rupert Mather getting the next highest 89.

Everyone won at least one match, was a very enjoyable night had with a few laughs.

Newsletter February 5th 2024

Fantastic to have 2 new players along tonight in Robert Blunden and Murray Hill. Welcome guys and we hope you enjoyed your night. Murray must have as he was one of 3 players to hit 180’s and he got a win over Rodney Smith as well. Graham Rhead and Tane Stewart getting the other 180’s.

Same format as last week but with 13 starters. Rob Binoka was back and was unlucky to lose a number of matches 2-1. Maggie Kane had some good wins also. But it was Rodney Smith winning group 1 with Grant Dixon and Luke Fry in 2nd/3rd while in the other group Graham Rhead took top spot from Tane and Philip Adams in 3rd.

The playoffs and Phil beat Luke 2-1 for 5th
Grant beat Tane 2-0 for 3rd and
Graham beat Rodney 2-1 for the overall win.
Other winners in the playoffs Robert Blunden, Rob Hopner and Murray Hill.
25 ton plus scores for Rodney and the highest overall average.
Highest out 120 for Phil - one of 5 ton plus finishes amongst the group.
Highest individual game average 72 for both Graham and Tane.
Best leg a 14 darter for Tane.

Newsletter January 31st

The 2024 season is getting off to a great start. 12 starters tonight including 2 fresh faces Josh and Phoenix. Super players they are as well. 

It’s a bit of a sad day though as we say goodbye to Elaine Shaw who is heading back to the UK. Tonight you were playing fantastic darts - It’s been excellent to have you join us - safe travels.

Another night of mixed handicaps - some off 351 and some off 501. 2 groups. Peter Farrow was playing some of his best darts for a while in a tough group that included Graham Rhead and Rodney Smith. Rodney was unbeaten in that group, Peter 2nd and Graham 3rd. In the other group Grant Dixon went through unbeaten, Tane Stewart 2nd and Luke Fry 3rd.

On to the playoffs where Graham beat Luke 2-0 for 5th overall. Tane beat Peter 2-0 for 3rd.

In the top match Grant beat Rodney 2-0 for the overall win both players averaging in the mid 70’s.

In the minor playoff places Phoenix, Elaine and Rob Hopner all had wins as well. 2 180’s tonight for each of Graham and Tane and another one for Rodney. Highest out 142 for Grant 21 ton plus scores for Rodney. Highest individual game average 79 for both Graham and Rodney.

Newsletter 23rd Jan

2024 club nights got off to a great start with 11 at the oche and some great darts thrown. Great to see Tane Stewart back at club nights after some time away last year.

2 groups with players starting off either 351 or 501. Graham Rhead took top spot in one group from Tane and Luke Fry. In the other group Grant Dixon took top spot from Rodney Smith and Philip Adams.

The playoff’s between groups saw Phil best Luke 2-1, Tane beat Rodney 2-1 and Graham beat Grant 2-1. The playoffs for 7-10th place also both went to 2-1 Rob Hopner and Peter Farrow winning those games. Despite finishing 4th Rodney had a superb average across the night of 71 - well ahead of the rest.

180’s for Rodney and Phil
Highest out 103 for Graham
22 ton plus scores for Graham.

A special mention for Maggie Kane. This special lady gives so much time for our club including traveling to represent us at City of Sails meetings and then tonight she calls in to the club and helps pack up! This is indicative of the contribution she has always made and why she was the very first recipient of the Carol Cable Memorial trophy at last years prizegiving. A special award for a special lady.

Photo of the trophy created by Phil to follow just as soon as we get it back from the engravers.

Jan 23rd Newsletter -.jpeg
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