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2021 Pool Season

Invitational Main Winners.jpeg

Main Event Winners

Tony & Brad

Invitational Runners Up Winners.jpeg

Main Event Runners Up

Kimberley & Glen

Invitational Plate Winners.jpeg

Plate Round Winners

Moloi & Carl

Invitational Plate Runners Up .jpeg

Plate Event Runners Up

Temple & Jade

Tony's Report - Tuesday 17th August


Sunday saw the running of the last invitational of the year, the Invitation Pairs. 23 teams lined up and once we got the byes figured out and the matches written up we got underway about 8.30.So we got stuck in with matches flowing well so stopped putting games on at 11.15 so that no one was playing when lunch was ready. 
By that stage we had started the quarter finals in both the main event and the plate and so after a delicious lunch we only had two quarter finals left in each to play.
In the plate that gave us as Semi Finalists Jade and Temple from Swanson v Trojon from Mangawhai, and Kev & Ash from WW v Carl & Moloi from Swanson.The finalists were Jade & Temple and Carl & Moloi with Carl and Moloi winning the best of 3 final.
In the main event Brad & Tony beat Shay and Lyndon in a very close match, to play Gordy and Eli in the semi, Gordi and Eli having beaten locals C & C earlier.Gordy and Eli seemed likely at 1 each and leading the third frame until Eli played a soft nick on the black near the middle to run safe only to watch it trickle all the way down and in to the pocket gifting the win to Brad & Tony who were now in the final. Crowd favourite Glen Robust playing with Kimberley from Swanson beat locals Storm & Daniel in the quarter before also beating Dave O and myself in the Semi after we had beaten Bernie and Young from Birkenhead in our quarter. So a best of 5 Final all that is left to decide the title and 2 games in it seemed like it might be a quick affair with Brad showing real class in the second with only a jawed 7th ball stopping him from clearing the table in one turn - as no doubt he would have potted the back from the perfect position he left. Despite his miss the frame was sealed a short while later and it was 2 nil to Tony and Brad. Frame 3 seemed destined for a similar result with Brad and Tony taking the lead until a foul shot was played which ultimately I ruled a deliberate foul against Brad. To be clear I don’t believe that Brad had studied the shot closely enough and so even though he deliberately played the shot that caused the foul, leaving me no choice other than to call it as I saw it, I believe it was an honest mistake made by an honest player. Brad certainly defended himself vigorously and was unhappy at the call and the implication. As stated I believe he is an honest player who made an honest mistake but that the call was right under the circumstances - I hope there are no hard feelings with anyone concerned. So the score is now 3-1 and the 4th frame was fairly even until an unexpected chance came which Tony took - sinking the last few and the black to claim the 4th frame and the title for  2021.Congratulations to Brad and Tony, well done to Glen and Kim for making the final and thanks to all that played. Also a big well done to Raina and the team for such a delicious lunch.



That is it from me for a while. You are in Dave’s hands next week as we host Mangawhai (12 noon Muster) and the following week is the drawn pairs 9 am Muster - I am sure one of the committee will be there to either run it or find someone suitable to. After that is Fathers day which is a free weekend and then the Dick Pye on September the 12th which I will be back for.
Lists are up for Mangawhai, the Drawn pairs and the Dick Pye so get your names down please.

Happy Potting

Happy Potting

Pool Report

Hi, recently the Pool Committee reviewed one of the rules and agreed to change it.


Effectively from Sat 1 May the following rule is in place under “Break – Rule 4”


4.    If one of each ball is potted off the break, the first ball potted determines what ball the player is on.

It is not a foul and the player continues his turn with the set established by the first ball that went down.

If the players cannot agree which was the first ball down the frame is re-racked with the same player breaking.


Note : this only applies on the break, if one of each is sunk at any other time standard rules apply.

Q             Why was this changed?

A             It was felt that it was unfairly penalising a player for an open break. If they had sunk 2 of one type they would get to carry on, so why penalise them if they sink one of each.


Q             Some clubs play open table (choose what you want) when you sink one of each off the break, why don’t we?

A             We felt that allowing someone to choose what they want to play on was giving them too much advantage so they must play the set of balls established by the first one sunk.


Q             What if we cannot agree what went down first?

A             It is usually obvious to all watching (and both teams should be watching) what went down first but if it is very close and the players can’t agree the rules allow for a re-rack.


Q             After the break if nothing is potted and it is my turn, if I sink one of each do I get to carry on?

A             No. You are on the first ball potted and it is a foul. This is because the break does not consist of trying to pot any specific ball and one of each can be sunk randomly.

However once the balls are broken and you are playing a specific shot you must take care not to sink one of each as a result of your shot.