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2021 Pool Season



Tony's Report - Tuesday 3rd August


We had 6 teams line up for the Ladies Pairs on Sunday and got underway with a full round

robin just after 10.
Stopping for lunch about half way through (great lunch by the way ladies) we were soon

underway again and had results about 4.
We had a clear front runner with 4 wins, Nadine and Noelene, and had 2 teams tied for second with

3 wins each.
So they played 1 frame to decide who would be in the final and it was Rachelle and Marcia who went through beating Emma W and Kay.
So on to the best of 3 final and Marcia and Rachelle took the first game by the scruff of the neck getting all their balls in sinkable positions before a mini clean up by Marcia saw the last couple and the black potted for a 1 nil lead. In the second frame a couple of Nadine and Noelene’s balls were crowding the black and with only two left on the table over the top left corner pocket that made life tricky for Marcia and Rachelle. An attempted safety however left them with a foul snooker. Rachelle choose well from there moving the white so she could play one on to the other and then pot the second one into the same pocket. She did this successfully also playing the second with some weight so the white came back off the top cushion towards the opposite side to leave a shot on the only part of the black available to hit which she did. Nadine and Noelene then played on with safety in mind hoping the pressure might lead to a mistake and a chance to develop some of theirs, but Marcia and Rachelle kept their cool and it was only a matter of time before the black was in and Rachelle and Marcia had won!
Congratulations to them and well done to all of the teams who entered.
This Sunday 8 August we have the Mens Pairs, PLEASE get your names down asap so we can get numbers right for food etc and remember this is a 9am muster.  
The following week 15th is the Invitation pairs. This is filling up but we still have spots so I encourage you to get your names down now as we want to fill this event.

Happy Potting

Ladies Pairs Teams.jpeg

Pool Report

Hi, recently the Pool Committee reviewed one of the rules and agreed to change it.


Effectively from Sat 1 May the following rule is in place under “Break – Rule 4”


4.    If one of each ball is potted off the break, the first ball potted determines what ball the player is on.

It is not a foul and the player continues his turn with the set established by the first ball that went down.

If the players cannot agree which was the first ball down the frame is re-racked with the same player breaking.


Note : this only applies on the break, if one of each is sunk at any other time standard rules apply.

Q             Why was this changed?

A             It was felt that it was unfairly penalising a player for an open break. If they had sunk 2 of one type they would get to carry on, so why penalise them if they sink one of each.


Q             Some clubs play open table (choose what you want) when you sink one of each off the break, why don’t we?

A             We felt that allowing someone to choose what they want to play on was giving them too much advantage so they must play the set of balls established by the first one sunk.


Q             What if we cannot agree what went down first?

A             It is usually obvious to all watching (and both teams should be watching) what went down first but if it is very close and the players can’t agree the rules allow for a re-rack.


Q             After the break if nothing is potted and it is my turn, if I sink one of each do I get to carry on?

A             No. You are on the first ball potted and it is a foul. This is because the break does not consist of trying to pot any specific ball and one of each can be sunk randomly.

However once the balls are broken and you are playing a specific shot you must take care not to sink one of each as a result of your shot.